I am currently working on the seventh book in the "Jump in Time" series of exciting Young Adult Fantasy Historical books. Click the links below to get an overview of each book.

Sixteen-year-old Dan Renfrew comes from a long line of time jumpers—secret heroes who travel to the past and resolve glitches in the time stream that threaten to alter history. There is just one problem; Dan has never been told any of this. So when Dan accidentally transports himself to England in the year 1066, he becomes trapped in the past. His only hope of returning home is to set history back on its proper course in the Anglo-Saxon age.

But Dan finds that fixing history is not that easy—chaos has descended upon England. A Viking horde is ravaging the north while an army of Normans is threatening to invade from the south. And in between them both, desperately struggling to maintain his throne, is the newly-crowned English king, Harold Godwinson. Dan must do everything in his power to return history to its proper path, but he soon discovers an even bigger challenge—a war has broken out in the time jumping community, and a band of malicious time jumpers is threatening the very future of the world.

Publisher: Imbrifex Books
Publish Date: March 2023
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Dan Renfrew hates that he’s a time jumper—seventeen year olds should not be stuck with the responsibility of saving history. But with no one else stepping up to stop Victor Stahl’s plot to take over the world, Dan and his time-jumping partner Sam have no choice but to jump back into history again. They land on the Celtic island of Anglesey in the year 60, hoping to find answers on how to stop Victor.

But the answers they seek aren’t easy to find. Everyone from the druids who rule Anglesey to the Celts who take Dan and Sam in seem to be hiding something. And with two Roman legions on their way intent on wiping out everyone on the island, time is running out for Dan and Sam.

Publisher: Imbrifex Books
Publish Date: August 2023
A new high school brings new headaches for seventeen-year-old Dan Renfrew. There’s homework, dealing with bullies, and trying to figure out the challenging world of dating. Unfortunately for Dan, he’s also a time jumper, so these are the least of his worries. Victor Stahl and his band of rogue time jumpers are still plotting to rule the world—and Dan’s hunt for allies to help him stop their scheme has hit a dead end.

With nowhere else to turn, Dan and his time-jumping partner Sam travel back into history again. They land on the steppes of Mongolia in the year 1179 where they meet a brave Mongol teen on a courageous quest to rescue his kidnapped wife. But Dan and Sam soon discover that there is more at stake than just a stolen bride. The fate of the future Mongol empire hangs in the balance—and with it, the future of the entire world.

Publisher: Imbrifex Books
Publish Date: September 2024
Short Description: Dan and Sam travel to the Battle of Thermopylae in the year 480 BCE. When things all start going downhill, they face their hardest time-jumping challenges to date.
Short Description: Dan and Sam travel to the Siege of Orleans in the year 1429 CE. Can they help Joan of Arc free the city?
Short Description: Dan and Sam travel to ancient Rome during the rule of Domitian. With spies and traitors everywhere, can they survive the gladiator arena?
Short Description: Dan and Sam travel to Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade. With time running out to stop Victor, this is their last chance to figure out a way to stop him.